Virtual Reality showroom for innovative product experience
Virtual Reality Showroom by SOFICUS

360° is high-definition, 3D interactive showroom that uses the power of the latest technologies to showcase your amazing products.

To demo 360° and some of its features we've created a showcase for a fictitious house builder PANDON HOMES.

It has a content managed platform in its core which automatically transforms and publish your content across many digital platforms like desktop, mobile, large TV screens, projectors, AR and VR.

360° allows you to explore the scene in a number of ways. If you are watching on a desktop or laptop, you can navigate by click and drag around the scene. If, however you are experiencing it on a smart phone or tablet, simply point the device in the direction you want to look at. Should you have a virtual reality headset or a cardboard headset, you can explore it in even more immersive way.

To experience it in full screen or change settings of the scene, please click on the icons at the bottom right corner of the screen.