We happen to develop software in more creative & straight forward way

With passion, integrity and understanding of cutting edge technologies we find ways to make an impact. Over the last twelve plus years Soficus has fine tuned its services to ensure delivery of the best possible products to our clients.

For every project we take on, we assign a team of individuals with the right skills to bring each element together for a perfectly crafted solution.

We truly believe that software has a purpose to solve real problems and make people's lives better. Your customers are the audience that matters most.

Bespoke Digital Solutions. Innovation and creativity for web and mobile applications. ContentBox - Modern, web based Content Management System CMS

Digital Solutions

Soficus designs and develops bespoke software and digital solutions across all modern platforms

Positive Impact

We are a technology company, but most of the time we think in terms of:

  1. Your business objectives
  2. How best to outmanoeuvre your competitors through software and digital services
  3. Increase efficiency in operation by minimising capital expenditure and overheads
  4. Gaining strategic lead and competitive advantages

Bespoke Software Development

Building software applications is what we do for living. We take pride in designing bespoke, reliable, scalable software applications capable of meeting business and customer expectations. Services we offer:

  • Multi-platform software development
  • Strategic advice on technology
  • Business case validation
  • Rapid prototyping of web and mobile applications
  • User experience design and testing
  • Usability testing and market trials
  • Overall improvement and support

Web Applications

Developing functional, responsive and modern looking web applications within the budget and project scope like:

  • Content Managed Web Applications
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Interactive websites
  • WebGL data visualisation
  • Front-end redesign of legacy systems
  • Rapid prototyping of web applications
  • User experience design and testing

Let us know what your web development projects is orcheck out detailed info about how we develop web applications.

Mobile Apps

Mobile first is what we hear a lot these days, but mobile done right is a challenge. Soficus is proud to offer full stack mobile app development services as:

  • Native smart phone applications
  • Native tablet applications
  • Mobile in-browser applications
  • Interactive mobile visualisations
  • AR enhanced user experience

Thinking about commissioning a mobile app development?

We will be happy to help with mobile app development or just advise you on some common pitfalls. Let us know what your objectives are.

Immersive & Interactive experiences

We can help tell your story and engage your audience by creating unique, memorable and immersive experiences like:

  • Interactive exhibits
  • Virtual reality (VR) applications
  • Augmented reality (AR) applications
  • 360° VR panoramas
  • Interactive installations

Not sure which interactive experience will be best suitable for your immersive project or idea? Give us a shout to discuss.