Turning capital into a strategic product with long term positive business impact

Our approach to project budgeting

A lot of companies ask us: “How much a project that does X,Y and Z will cost?”.

We strongly believe that above question focuses only on the features of the product, but not on its strategic benefit to the business.

Instead we ask why this software project needs to be done at first place and what is expected from it now and in five years time. Just then together we can figure out which features are important in order to keep the cost within a reasonable budget and delivery on time.

While budgeting always involves estimation, that is not our only consideration. We always work together with you to meet targets.We deliver truly valuable software thanks to careful refined development process with predetermined project specification and cost.

Your project will grow organically with time, gradually increasing size and complexity and turning to a product.

More information about pricing, how we work, delivery and some other answers can be found on our Frequently Asked Question page.