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We've been developing mobile apps since Palm OS has been introduced back in 1998. Today mobile development is mainly done on iOS and Android. With exponential explosion in processing power and connectivity, mobile is quickly becoming the platform of choice for gathering information and services. However, not every mobile platform is the same.

Mobile software development can be approached in many different ways. Web based in-browser applications or native applications with access to the full potential of the device.

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The main reason for the explosion in smartwatch ownership is the launch of the Apple Watch™ and its easy to use interface.

Mobile app development

The mobile market in general is huge and very unique in its own way of customer perception & interaction.

Soficus can offer full design and app development service that addresses specific issue, idea and business goal.

We know how to architecture mobile apps around customer experience, sensors, location, beacons, notifications, clouds and enterprise stacks. Let us know what your requirements are.

User centred software design is what we always keep in our minds when we create software. Striking the right balance between business features, visually appealing design and productivity is what makes our customers happy.

A typical app development process covers:

  • Idea, concept and business analysis
  • Capturing business requirements
  • Business proposition and values
  • Customer experience
  • Design and visual language
  • Information architecture
  • Storyboarding, Interaction design
  • Usability, A/B tests. Integration testing
  • Resources, memory and data optimisation
  • Integration, testing and production versions
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iOS development

Soficus has always been on the forefront of mobile software development.

Native Mobile Apps

These are mobile apps developed for a specific target operating system like iOS or Android OS. They offer the best control over user features, experience, connectivity, visual presentation and low-level access to hardware elements like sensors.

Native apps are the best option to go to when great performance and connectivity with cloud based enterprise networks are required.

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Always connected

Mobile apps are part of the enterprise eco-system.
Very often we are asked to integrate mobile data with ERP, CRM and CMS systems without disturbing already familiar workflows.

Responsive, in-browser mobile apps

Modern web browsers are becoming feature rich operating systems by themselves.

Standards like HTML5 and CSS3 allow developers to create mobile applications with ability to manage local content and relatively simple databases even without internet connection.

Responsive in-browser web applications for mobile devices are very good fit when the business objective is to create multiplatform solution with limited features. Moreover the application can be fully managed via a single, centralised web based content management system (CMS).

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Responsive mobile apps

Responsive apps can automatically present your great content regardless of the mobile device make and model.

Cross-Platform mobile applications

A significant time and resource reduction can be achieved when utilising cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development. There are plenty to chose from. Usually the app is developed once and then published multiple times as a separate application to every app store.

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Cross platform app development

Utilising the power of a common framework or platform can significantly reduce development cost