We can tell your story and engage the audience by creating
unique, memorable and immersive experience

We know how to turn passive observers to inclusive audience that enjoys the moment and remembers the experience.

Where your project is a corporate installation, retail installation or museum exhibit Soficus can help you deliver engaging experience using proven storytelling techniques and cutting edge technologies. Digital in general and intelligent, connected software in particular are forming the next big wave for immersive storytelling.

Technology is beginning to transform visitor's experience from engagement to post-event marketing campaigns by gathering and analysing data in real-time throughout the entire cycle.

Development of interactive exhibits

Immersive experience

Soficus provides software developing services to museums and amusement parks

Immersive Exhibits

Every interactive project we've worked on is unique in its own way, so we believe that the people behind it should be too. In-house we have a core team of professionals who are responsible for your project from start to finish.

Depending on your project requirements we can engage proven professionals with the right skill set and talent like independent artists, copywriters, designers, musicians and sound engineers.

Soficus can offer full-cycle development of interactive and immersive applications covering:

  • Ideation, story development, engagement
  • Storyboarding and pilot testing with selected audience
  • Bespoke development from concept to delivery
  • Multi-player interactive projects
  • Certification and compliance with various standards including health and safety
  • Support
Bespoke interactive exhibits developer England, UK

Immersive experience

Immersive storytelling with mixed physical and virtual experience

Educational Exhibits

Very often clients directly embark on specific type of technology, but usually this is the last bit we look at. Depending on the story you have to tell and the audience that will experience it, Soficus can help you select the appropriate type of tech where that involves interacting with physical objects, touch based screens, projectors, VR or AR.

We usually work with museums, art galleries, amusement parks and marketing agencies, but will be always happy to hear about your unique requirements.

Combining physical interactions with a virtual world

Mixed reality

Combining physical interactions with a virtual world, enhances user's engagement and improves learning

VR / AR projects

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are gaining traction these days, because of the mass proliferation of smart phones and significant improvement of underlying hardware. Pretty much every modern smart phone is capable of delivering AR and 360° panoramic VR experience directly in user's hands.

We can offer turn-key development of VR and AR applications covering:

  • Ideation, story development and engagement
  • 3D modeling and high quality photo rendering
  • Gamification of training courses and educational content
  • Real-time indoor and outdoor location based interactions
  • Connected solutions to various platforms and systems
VR software developer North East England, UK, Newcastle upon Tyne

Enhanced experience via VR / AR

Soficus provides VR and AR software development services to sectors like education and entertainment