Bespoke development of modern and functional web applications

Soficus builds customer driven, innovative web applications optimised to work great on desktop and mobile devices. Web based applications are becoming the default option for many businesses as opposed to traditional desktop-based software applications.

As web standards and technologies matured a lot in the last 10 years, it is now possible to create software products and whole ecosystems of products by just utilising the power of the mighty web browser.

Fully responsive web development across mobile, table, desktop from SOFICUS

Responsive web applications

Fully responsive, modern web development across mobile, tablet and desktop

Website development

It is always better to start a new project with a team of highly skilled & creative people that know how to transform ideas into real products. We have been there many many times. Building a website that really helps and improves your business is our prime objective.

Soficus helps businesses by:

  • Adding business value
  • Improving overall business perception
  • Increasing sales and leads through a modern website
  • Developing modern, light-weight and responsive website development
  • Idea, concept and business analysis
  • Project scoping and proof of concepts. Transparent project management. Agile methodologies
  • Custom build on cutting edge frameworks and proven technologies
  • Quick and reliable support
All our web based solutions are CMS powered

ContentBox CMS

Content creation, lead management, social media activities could be done from within our own content management system

Front and back-end development

User centred software design is what we keep always in our minds when we architecture software. Striking the right balance between business features, visually appealing design and productivity is what makes our customers happy.

The actual software development process is just a small portion of the work we do. There is so much to it like:

  • Capturing business needs
  • Aligning user expectations with business needs
  • Use cases and story boarding
  • Information architecture
  • Mockups, testing with real users
  • Design and development
  • Integration, testing and production
  • Post-implementation improvements
  • Ongoing support
E-Commerce and Shopping Carts Development and Integration by SOFICUS

User Experience (UX)

We offer rapid prototyping and UX tests across all popular browsers and platforms

Existing web application re-design

Sometimes outdated and inefficient websites may not fully justify capital investment and re-development from scratch. In these cases we can help you with full analysis of current systems from economical, technical and customer point of view.

Soficus can provide you with comprehensive report and in many cases solutions to improve and optimise without the need for a full architectural re-design.

  • Auditing business features and productivity
  • Usability audit
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security audit
  • Technical architecture review
  • Fine tuning on software stack & components
Responsive web apps by SOFICUS

Responsive Web Apps

Responsive web app development by SOFICUS

APIs and legacy system data integration

We are living in connected world surrounded by hundreds of computers, sensors and invisible data highways. Automated data exchange is the new norm for business systems and products. We can help you utilise trusted and secure connections to exchange data between legacy, in-house platforms with external and cloud based platforms for:

  • Manufacturing, logistic and warehouse systems
  • E-commerce sites for stock control and automated order fulfilment
  • Digital marketplaces. Payment processors
  • Bank reconciliation services
  • Accounting, insurance and financial systems
  • Land register, housing market
  • Government agencies and services
E-Commerce and Shopping Carts Development and Integration with in-house systems


Where you need a simple shop front or multilingual, multi-currency e-commerce platform with stock control we will be able to help

Multi tenant web applications

Soficus is happy to offer our bespoke software development services to clients that require automated provisioning of isolated tenant web apps in cloud containers.

  • Cloud based multi tenant applications
  • Permission based object control
  • Full audit trail on every user action
  • Automated event notifications to chain of control
  • Automated diff based real-time backups of the whole cloud containers
  • Real time cloning of production cloud containers
Multi tenant, multi user web applications by SOFICUS

Multi tenant web applications

Multi tenant and multi user platform development with full permission control and auditing